A week in Iceland – Day 6

A week in Iceland – Day 6

In my first blog post about Iceland (http://onemoreday.blog/?p=165&fbclid=IwAR2GmjlmQBKrafzFTCJS8wvD_GSKYs2xa0hI3eVAnXcWEkk8l6LEkvOuGtg) I mentioned tours and how expensive they can make your visit in Iceland. Certain things are not essential to me, but I also see how unforgettable some experiences can be. Both my friend and I agreed on spending some money to do whale watching.

I looked up the best spots to see whales and Dalvík popped up. Situated in the Tröllaskagi Peninsula, this seaside town offers a lot more than just whale watching. All around you find hiking trails, good spots to do bird watching, and you can go horse riding or skiing.

We booked with Arctic Sea Tour (www.arcticseatours.is) and we were totally satisfied. The tour lasted over the 3 hours planned and it was €75, totally worth it! Don’t worry if you are not reaching the north of the country during your trip, they also depart from Snӕfellsnes (west) and Reykjavík. All staff is friendly and know the waters and the whales very well. We met up at the office, where we were provided with the appropriate clothing. With a warm jumper, waterproof overalls and a seriously thick poncho we were all set to go. Don’t forget hat and gloves, the wind out there is crisp! A bus took us to a port where a fishing boat was waiting for us. The bay itself is stunning, surrounded by snow-sprinkled mountains and small waterfalls here and there.

Humpback whales are pretty common there, so it is almost guaranteed you’ll see more than one. Beware of companies which promise to approach the whales closely because “they have small boats and they can”. These animals are harmless and patient, they generally don’t mind having people around. However, keeping the distance is a must. When I went diving in Cancun, the instructor gave me the right example:

“We are hosts in the ocean, this is not our home. The ocean welcomes us and we have to respect it. Think about it this way, would you like if someone entered your house and started touching everything you have? Certainly not! So we dive, we look, we preserve what’s here and we leave.”

If you bother the whales they can hit the boat. It has happened before and it won’t be the last time. Sometimes they “just” jump and splash the boat, people think it’s a wonderful thing to see, but it is not a show for tourists to enjoy. It is a warning.

There are strict guidelines for boats approaching the whales, it has to be done in a certain way so that the animals are aware of us and don’t attack or get hurt. This is a number one priority when choosing a company, and Arctic Sea Tour respected the whales entirely.

Needless to say, seeing them emerging from the depth of the water, breathing and swimming in again leaves you with a smile on your face (and if you are like me, tears in your eyes).

After an hour of whale watching we stopped in a different area to do sea angling for 30 minutes. I never liked the idea of sticking a hook through a fish’s head , not even when I was eating it. While people around us kept on pulling up huge fish, my friend and I had no luck. We both hesitated and were visibly uncomfortable. After 20 minutes the fisherman started to question our technique. As it turns out there was a piece of net attached to the hook the whole time. That scared the fish away and that’s why we didn’t catch any. Feeling relieved, we thought that fishing was just not meant to happen to us. Some fish was immediately cut to make an appetizer (sashimi) and lately grilled when we arrived back at the tour office. Our guide stayed with us while we asked more questions about the whales and he showed us some pictures they had hanging in the shop. We were amazed by his knowledge and kindness and I really feel like recommending these guys for your whale watching experience!

Later in the day we drove west to reach Hotel Húni (€62/night including breakfast). The place is vast, surrounded by nature as most guesthouses in the country. We were welcomed by friendly owners who invited us to spend some time in the common area with them. The atmosphere was very pleasant and the breakfast abundant and satisfying. Just what we needed to face the longest drive of the week the following day. Towards the end of the trip we couldn’t love Iceland more! But there were still a couple of landmarks we wanted to see 🙂 Wait for it…

Do you want to save money on your next trip? Use the code luciam01 when you book via www.booking.com  and you’ll receive €20/£15/$25 after your stay 🙂


2 thoughts on “A week in Iceland – Day 6

  1. Your article with tips is very helpful and the photos are too beautiful. I will visit Iceland next month (first time ) for 8 days. As just me ( I travel alone and a female) so it is not easy to rent a car and ride to South Coast following your interesting itinerary. I will base in Reykjavik and plan to join local tours : one to southern island, one for Golden circle and one for Snaefellsnes Peninsula in 3 days (one tour every 2 days) so I have free time the second day to explore Reykjavik by myself .Do you think it is enough or too much for my short trip ? Please advice me which places I should visit and how to manage my time effectively. I hope one day I will come back in winter to see Norther Light with friends and definitely this time we will rent a car ( more convenience and flexible) for exploring the island)

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by. It’s great to hear that you decided to visit Iceland!
      Apologies about the delay. I did reply to you, but then I had an issue with the website and now it’s all back 🙂 As you are on your own I’d say the tours are a good option. You could also include the Iceberg Lagoon which can be done in one day and that way you can just do 2 days in Snaefellsnes. You can definitely see Reykjavik in one day, so that’s not an issue. It will be intense, no doubt about it. My week was intense too, but I loved it anyway 🙂

      Some tour companies are doing discounts at the moment, it may be worth having a look and making an estimate of how much it will cost you. There is a chance that renting a car will work out cheaper in the end as 7 days of tours will be quite a lot to pay for.


      Another option could be to take a full week tour with a single tour operator https://www.icelandtours.is/en/vacation-packages/ They will take care of everything and it will be less stressful for you.

      Let me know if you need anything else. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again through the comments or via email 🙂

      Best of luck!

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