A week in Iceland – Day 4

A week in Iceland – Day 4

I love planning trips, especially those on the road. The freedom and possibilities you have are the best thing! You can read as many travel websites and guides as you want, but every trip will be different and personal. You will decide how long you want to spend staring at that waterfall or walking through that park. During my planning I left this day pretty empty to just “see what’s there”. We could have driven back South for a couple of hours to see the iceberg lagoon, but we carried on and loved our fourth day in Iceland as much as the others.

Driving towards Höfn

We woke up refreshed and relaxed at Guesthouse Nypugardar. After an amazing breakfast, we drove towards the coast and stopped at the fishing town of Höfn. This is a great stop for those wanting to explore the nearby glaciars, and tourism has grown so much in the past few years, that you can now find all sorts of touristic jam in Höfn. See https://www.south.is/en/inspiration/towns/hofn.

A seal chilling a few meters from the road

We began our drive to Egilsstaðir where one can explore the lake with a kayak or maybe go horse riding. In the end we simply enjoyed the drive, stopping here and there to admire stunning views of mountains and valleys.

This is why I loved driving in Iceland so much. Every corner is exciting! You pass a village and the lanscape changes, it makes you want to stop, breathe fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature.

On the road towards Egilsstaðir

We headed towards a town called Seyðisfjörður. It’s about 40 km away from Egilsstaðir, so you could definitely visit it in a day from there. A curvy road ascends a 600 m high mountain pass (Fjarðarheiði). Having a 4×4 and ice chains will be mandatory in the colder months, as the road will be covered in thick snow and ice and it won’t be a pleasant journey. Despite the snowy path, our little Kia Picanto did an amazing job (hey, let’s not forget the driver!). Once you get to the top of the mountain you will descend towards a valley where Seyðisfjörður sits. This is what makes it special! Imagine these tiny colourful houses surrounded by the Artic Sea on one side and mountains all around (waterfall included, obviously). All of a sudden you feel like you are in the middle of a fairy tale.

From here you can follow hiking trails, go canoening, fishing, take a ferry to Denmark, or simply walk around and fall in love with Seyðisfjörður. Filled with artisanal handicraft shops, this is the perfect place to buy yourself a souvenir and discover lava soaps and much more. You can also visit the sound sculpture of Tvísöngur. This is a complex of five concrete domes which amplify the sound according to the Icelandic musical tradition. To understand what I mean have a look at this.

Bláa Kirkjan

The blue church of Bláa Kirkjan makes the perfect postcard. The path was painted in 2014 to celebrate its own Gay Pride, supporting the local LGBTQ community which could not reach the capital for the big event. It has been left like this since, and it makes the whole town stand out. Seyðisfjörður is a very lively place, with concerts held in the church in the summer months and a music/art festival in July https://www.lunga.is/en.

Laufás Guesthouse

In the evening we headed to Laufás Guesthouse, in Egilsstaðir. We loved the spacious common area where you can relax, have dinner, play board games and plan the rest of your trip. We spent €77 for a double room and we were happy with it.

A good night sleep is what you need after a long day out.

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